HDKKT (Croatian Association of Theatre Critics and Theatre Scholars) is a professional Association established in 1976. HDKKT is a member of International Association of Theatre Critics.
From 1979 to 1992 Theatrology Library published thirty-three books and from 1992 to 1997 Actor’s Booklet Prolog published eleven books in cooperation with AGM.
Since 2012 The Demeter’s Award for Lifetime Achievement is awarded. First award was given to Branko Hećimović 2012, second Igor Mrduljaš in 2013, third Boris Senker in 2014, fourth Boris B. Hrovat in 2015, fifth Valtko Perković in 2016, sixth Antonija Bogner Šaban in 2017, seventh Ljubomir Stanojević in 2018, eight Giga Gračan 2020. and ninth Zvonimir Mrkonjić 2021.

Demeter Lifetime Achievement Award to Academician Zvonimir Mrkonjić