Mladen Martić

Mladen Martić, theater critic, playwright and literary translator, was born in 1949 in Zagreb. Studied at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb. He is a member of the Society of Croatian Literary Translators, the Croatian Society of Theater Critics and Theatrologists and the Croatian Journalists’ Association. From 1978 to 1991 he was a playwright at the ITD Theater, and from 2007 to 2012 he was an artistic advisor to the Croatian National Theater in Varaždin. On the First, Second and Third programs of Radio Zagreb and Croatian Radio Zagreb, Television Zagreb and HTV, he edited and hosted five hundred shows dedicated to theater and about a hundred theater reviews and reviews. He also published theatrical critiques and reviews in Studentski list, Polet, Vjesnik on Wednesday, Večernji list and a number of magazines. He translated about forty dramatic texts, about thirty novels, books, biographies, and a large number of essays and short prose by various authors from Polish. His translations have been performed in most Croatian theaters, at summer festivals, radio and television, and have been performed more than forty times so far. For translating Witold Gombrowicz’s novel Trans-Atlantic, he was awarded the annual Iso Velikanović Award for the best translation into Croatian in 2009.