Ljubomir Stanojević

Stanojević, Ljubomir, theater publicist, was born on May 29, 1943, he finished high school in Osijek, and studied theater organization at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade.

One of the founders of Matica hrvatska in Osijek (1960) and a member of the first editorial board of the magazine Revija (1961), founder of the Experimental Stage of the Youth Tribune in Osijek (1962) where he directed (among other things, The End of S. Beckett’s 1962). Founder and editor-in-chief of the magazine Kazalište, which had 154 issues from 1965-1981, and from 1967 until his retirement in 2010 he was employed at the Croatian National Theater in Osijek, where he held several positions: editor of theater editions, editor of the bulletin of the Annals of Chamber Opera and Ballet, director of Drama (1978-1984) and assistant intendant Zvonimir Ivković (1984-1990).

Since 1960 and the first articles in Zagreb’s Polet, he has published several hundred articles, reviews, critiques, feuilletons, portraits, etc. on the cultural pages of almost all Croatian daily newspapers (from Vjesnik to Slobodna Dalmacija), weeklies (Hrvatsko slovo, Vijenac), professional monthly magazines in the field of drama and music, magazines and journals (Osijek Review, Sarajevo Echo, Tuzla Theater and Novi Sad newspaper of the same name). He continuously published in Osijek’s Glas Slavonije (1962-2002), where he also wrote columns for a long time (“Theatrical Sparks”, “Theatrical Amazements”).

He edited hundreds of theater booklets for plays: about two hundred for the Croatian National Theater in Osijek (all premieres from 1993 to 2010, and later occasionally), and for the Children’s Theater in Osijek, SLUK, etc.

His permanent preoccupation is the Osijek theater from the beginning until today, about which, in addition to journalistic works, he also wrote historical and professional works. Not only as a professional but also as a witness to the war, he edited an extremely important publication: The War Repertoire of the Croatian National Theater in Osijek 1991-1994. and in 2002 he prepared a collection of the 95th birthday of the Croatian National Theater in Osijek. He regularly participated in texts in monographs dedicated to the Croatian National Theater in Osijek (Croatian National Theater in Osijek, 2007), other monographs (Croatian Puppetry, 2000; 125 years of professional ballet in Croatia, 2002; Hrvoje Ivanković Marin Carić, 2011) or anthologies such as Portrait of an Artist in Drama (about Anđelko Štimac, 1996 and Fran Krtić and Gita Šerman Kopljar ​​1998) and Krleža’s Days (1992, 1995)

Winner of the awards: May Youth Award (1969), HNK Award in Osijek on December 7 (1970), Osijek Liberation Award for the magazine Kazalište (1970), Seal of the City of Osijek for special contribution to the cultural life of the city of Osijek and preservation of theatrical heritage ). He is the winner of the Demeter Lifetime Achievement Award (2018) of the Croatian Society of Theater Critics and Theatrologists, of which he has been a member since 1980. As a professional journalist, he has been a member of the Croatian Journalists’ Association (since 1975).