Article 1.

Demeter′s Award is a Lifetime Achievement Award with the goal of encouraging excellence in theatrology and theatre (hereinafter Award).

Article 2.

The Award was introduced by Croatian Association of Theatre Critics and Theatre Scholars (HDKKT).

Article 3

The award is awarded to a member of HDKKT for extraordinary contribution in the field of theatre criticism and/or theatre research.

Article 4.

All members of HDKKT have right to nominate a candidate for the Award

Article 5

Three members Committee, elected by Executive Committee with mandate of one year reaches the decision about the Award.

Article 5.

The Award consist of sculpture or plaque and financial amount.

Article 6.

The Award is awarded at General Assembly on June 13 which was date when Dimitrija Demeter published his criticism about first professional play in Croatian language (I. Kukuljević Sakcinski Juran i Sofija) in journal Danica ilirska.

Article 7.

Special register about the Awards is kept by HDKKT Secretary General.

Article 8.

HDKKT informs public about the Award by informing various media and cultural authorities, theatres and various similar associations.

Article 9.

HDKKT’S General Assembly is responsible for reaching the decision about instituation and abolishment of the Award and adopts Rules and Eligibility of the Award which are implemented from the day the General Assembly adopted it.

Article 10.

Executive Committee conducts all the proceedings concerning the Award. If it is necessary, Committee can adopt additional documents regarding the implementation of Award. This documents must be accepted at the next Assembly and implemented from the date when Assembly took place.

In Zagreb, 27th June 2012

President of HDKKT

Sanja Nikčević