HDKKT (Croatian Association of Theatre Critics and Theatre Scholars) is a professional Association established on 22nd October 1975 at the founding assembly in Zagreb and   and registered into Civil Association Register on 9th March 1976.
HDKKT is a member of International Association of Theatre Critics (AICT/IACT) and collaborates with The International Federation for Theatre Research (FITR/IFTR).
It was founded with goal to develop and promote quality of the profession, cooperation with other similar associations and theatres in Croatia and abroad and to protect moral and material interests of its members.


From 1979 to 1992 Theatrology Library published thirty-three books and from 1992 to 1997 Actor’s Booklet Prolog published eleven books in cooperation with AGM.

Since 2012 HDKKT awards Demeter’s Award for Lifetime Achievement. First one was awarded to one of the founders of HDKKT, president, historian and theatrologist Branko Hećimović 2012, second to secretary general, president, critic and theatrologist Igor Mrduljaš 2013, third to a critic, theatrologist and professor Boris Senker 2014, forth to a thetare critic Boris B. Hrovat 2015, fifth to a theatre critic, theatrologist, director and playwright Vlatko Perković 2016, sixth to a theater critic, theatrologist and professor Antonija Bogner Šaban 2017., seventh to theatre publicist Ljubomir Stanojević 2018, eight to translator, critic and journalist Giga Gračan 2020. and ninth to critic, translator, dramaturg Zvonimir Mrkonjić 2021.

Association first resided in Ilica Street 42 and later in Amruševa Street 19, Zagreb. It has about 50 active members, 15 retired members and since 2013 dance critics are also admitted.

Presidents and Secretary Generals

2019. Mira Muhoberac
2019. Secretary General Gordana Ostović

2010.-2019. Sanja Nikčević
2014.-2019. Secretary General Alen Biskupović

2013.- 2014. Secretary General Lidija Zozoli

2010.- 2013. Secretary General Ljubica Anđelković

2005.-2010. Igor Mrduljaš
Secretary General Sanja Nikčević

2001.-2005. Boris B. Hrovat
Secretary General Sanja Nikčević

1993.-2001. Antonija Bogner Šaban
Secretary General Ana Lederer

1991.-1993. Mani Gotovac
Secretary General Branko Vukšić

1988.-1991. Nedjeljko Fabrio
Secretary General Igor Mrduljaš

1984.-1988. Boris Senker
Secretary General Igor Mrduljaš

1982.-1984. Marija Grgičević
Secretary General Igor Mrduljaš

1980.-1982. Branko Hećimović
Secretary General Igor Mrduljaš

1978.-1980. Petar Selem
Secretary General Igor Mrduljaš

1976.-1978. Petar Selem
Secretary General Giga Gračan




Founding year: 1976

Address: Amruš Street 19/III., Zagreb

Identification number: (OIB) 20424332600

Identification number 2 (MB) 3272648

Activity code 9412 (Croatian Bureau of Statistics, Branimir Street 19, class designation 10 subclass)

RU – 0001443 (Associations Public Register of Republic Croatia, City Office for General Management, Zagreb)

RNO 0231693 (The Register of Non-Profit Organizations, Ministry of Finance)

Giro account – Zagrebačka Bank – HR – 84 – 2360000 – 1101846302