HDKKT hrvatsko društvo kazališnih kritičara i teatrologa

MIRA MUHOBERAC (1959.-2021.)

Dear colleagues, dear colleagues,

We are immensely sorry to bring you the sad news that stunned us all: the president of the Croatian Society of Theater Critics and Theatrologists, Mira Muhoberac, passed away tragically prematurely. Attached is a biography of Mira Muhoberac as well as an amazing list of her various works, a letter from the members of the Board of Directors and a few photos. In addition to recent photographs from the island of Vis (10th Days of Ranko Marinković), there is also one of the lectures given by Suzana Marjanić as part of the ‘Portraits’ cycle. On it, dear Mira adapts to the performer Tajča Čekada on the screen, mowing like once members of the Kugla Theater. That playfulness, that cheerfulness and that oblique perspective of hers are images that would be nice to remember.



Executive comitee:
Gordana Ostović
Kim Cuculić
Martina Petranović
Višnja Kačić Rogošić


Mira Muhoberac CV

Bibliography, theatrography, drama