HDKKT hrvatsko društvo kazališnih kritičara i teatrologa

Exhibition “Uncompromisingly Her Own – Ika Škomrlj Ajki” by Ivana Bakal and Martina Petranović in Dubrovnik

A retrospective exhibition of costume designer Ika Škomrlj Ajki Uncompromisingly – Ika Škomrlj Ajki by Ivana Bakal, costume designer, and Martina Petranović, theatrologist, opened in Lazareti in Dubrovnik. until August 5, 2021. The exhibition, organized and collaborated with ULUPUH and the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, shows the rich and layered 50-year opus of one of the most prominent Croatian costume designers. The excellent Dubrovnik exhibition, previously shown in Zagreb and Šibenik, is based on the legacy of Ika Škomrlj, owned by her family and on material from the Department of the History of the Croatian Theater of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, numerous theaters and HRT. For this exhibition, material was created that the charismatic Ika Škomrlj (Zagreb, July 13, 1932 – Zagreb, October 15, 2018), for Ajki’s friends, created for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.